Jedynka Website Terms of Use

These Website Terms of Use (hereinafter the “Terms of Use”) apply to any user (“User”) who wishes to gain access to and use the Jedynka Website Anyone who does not accept the Website Terms of Use and the provisions of the Privacy Policy cannot use this site.

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Unauthorized use


The User shall not modify, copy, present, transmit or share any information, data, software, products or services obtained through the Website, nor shall they grant any rights to their use. The User shall not use the supplied services in an inappropriate, offensive or illegal way, for instance to send advertising texts, i.e. chain letters, or to send messages for other purposes, to spam third parties or use false identification data or e-mail addresses, or to otherwise communicate misleading information about the User’s identity or about the actual sources of the message. The User shall not use the site to harm the reputation of Tikkurila Polska S.A., its branches and business partners.


Access to services and Website content


Tikkurila Polska S.A. reserves the right to limit access to its services or to make technical or other changes to the functioning of those services. Tikkurila Polska S.A. reserves the right to monitor all materials contained on the Website, and to post comments and move or delete any materials considered offensive or illegal or otherwise in violation of the Terms of Use, but it shall not be liable for these actions.


Copyright terms


This Website is covered and protected by copyright, as well as by international copyright treaties and agreements. Product and service names and the Jedynka logo visible on the Website are protected under the trademark, design and copyright law. Access to the site should not be interpreted as implied conferment of any license or rights to use any trademarks, designs or other copyright-reserved elements posted on the Website which are owned by Tikkurila Polska S.A. or third parties.




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