Jedynka® Deco & Protect Drewno i Metal Mat

Fast working time

Enamel is touch dry after 1 hour, the second layer can be applied after 2 hours.

Easy to use

Delicate smell and good coverage.

15 interesting colors

Durable colors create a matt, durable coating.

Jedynka® Deco & Protect Drewno i Metal 0,7 l Mat
0,7 l
Jedynka® Deco & Protect Drewno i Metal 0,2l Mat
Jedynka® Deco & Protect Drewno i Metal 5 l Mat
5 l

Jedynka Deco & Protect Drewno i Metal Mat/Jedynka Deco & Protect Wood and Metal, Matt

Quick-drying acrylic enamel with a delicate aroma and long-lasting colors

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Surface touch dry after 1h

A delicate smell

Easy tools cleaning after application with water

Good coverage

Easy and pleasant application - no splashing

For interior and exterior use

Surface resistant to weather conditions

Washable – dirt can be washed away

Available Colors: 
15 colors including 11 colors matching to colors of Jedynka Deco & Protect Zmywalna (Washable) paint
The degree of gloss: 
Theoretical efficiency: 

14 m2/l

Brush, roller, pneumatic spray (spray application can only be carried out in installations where regulations on emission standards apply)
The number of layers: 
Expiration date: 
36 months from the production date, in a factory closed packaging