Jedynka® Deco & Protect Impregnat 3w1

Impregnate 3 in 1

Protects, decorates and impregnates wood and wooden like exterior surfaces.

Exceptional coverage

Up to 18 m2/l

Protection and durability

Up to 7 years of surface durability

Jedynka® Deco & Protect Impregnat 3 w 1 opakowanie 0,7 litra
Jedynka® Deco & Protect Impregnat 3 w 1 opakowanie 2,5 litra
Jedynka® Deco & Protect Impregnat 3 w 1 opakowanie 5 litrów

Jedynka Deco & Protect Impregnat 3w1/Jedynka Deco & Protect Impregnate 3in1

Impregnate for decorative and protective painting of exterior wooden and wooden like surfaces.

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Exceptional coverage: up to 18 m2/l

Wood protection after 1h from painting - even in the event of rain!

Up to 7 years of the surface durability

Hydro stop system - repels water and moisture thanks to the wax content and a combination of different resins

Protects against UV - thanks to the content of UV filters and durable and transparent pigments

Creates a surface with increased resistance to microorganisms

Deep wood impregnation

Decorates wood emphasizing its natural drawing

Neutral smell during application

Does not create stains, spreads easily and does not splash


Available Colors: 
The degree of gloss: 
Theoretical efficiency: 

18 m2/l per one coat, depending on the absorbency of the substrate and the painting tool used

Brush, tampoon
The number of layers: 
Expiration date: 
36 months from the production date, in a factory closed packaging