Jedynka® Emaftal Gloss - emalia alkidowa do malowania drewna i metalu

Durable colors and mild smell

Durable to mechanical and weather conditions

Perfect opacity and quick drying time

Great coverage

approx. 14 m2/l per one coat


Jedynka Emaftal Połysk / Jedynka Emaftal Gloss

Alkyd enamel designed for decorative and protective painting of wooden, wood-like and metal surfaces.

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mild smell

durable colors

high durability to changeable weather conditions

durability to mechanical damage

perfect opacity

quick drying time

great coverage: approx. 14 m2/l per one coat

Available Colors: 
White + 13 ready-made shades
The degree of gloss: 
Theoretical efficiency: 

approx. 14 m2/l per one coat depending on the absorption of the surface and painting tools used

Brush, roller, air spray (air spray application to be used only in installations regulated by emission standards provisions)
The number of layers: 
Jedynka Low-aromatic Thinner for alkyd and phthalate products
Expiration date: 
36 months since production date, in a factory-sealed packaging